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Vehicle Servicing​

In addition to conventional vehicle servicing, including oil and fluid checks, we can also conduct logbook servicing to check for any major mechanical faults before they mature, and maintain the warranty on a new vehicle.​


​To be sure you’re getting your money’s worth before buying a used car, arrange for our team to check for any hidden mechanical problems the owner might be trying to cover up with a pre-purchase inspection.

Brake Repairs​

Keep your brakes in top condition and ready to protect you and your passengers on the road with regular checks of your brake pads, discs or drums for wear and tear. ​We can also replace overworn parts.

Steering & Suspension

Many ride comfort and handling problems can be solved with a service of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. We can replace key suspension issues and bring back that extra bit of control behind the wheel.

Clutch & Transmission​

Problems changing gears or staying in gear are typically traced back to issues with your clutch pedal or hydraulics. ​​​​We can also replace or service your manual or automatic transmission.

Exhaust Repairs

A faulty exhaust can affect your engine’s performance and fuel economy, not to mention let engine fumes seep into the cabin. We can repair damaged exhausts or advise on replacement aftermarket parts.

Air Conditioning

Make sure your car’s ready for Australia’s infamous summers with an air conditioning system service, covering your air con unit, hosing leak checks and a re-gassing to ensure your vehicle can keep its cool.

Fleet Servicing

At Colin King’s we understand how vital a business’ vehicles are to its livelihood. That’s why we’re more than happy to offer fleet servicing to all business owners looking for a one-stop shop for their vehicle maintenance.


​Our workshop’s top of the line Snap-On diagnostic scan tools can help locate the cause of your vehicle’s unexplained trouble, letting us make faster, more effective repairs and getting you back on the road quicker.

Auto Electrical

​If your vehicle’s having trouble starting, we can replace faulty or damaged batteries, alternators and starter motors. We can also install new lighting upgrades and solutions to all makes and models of vehicles.

Tyres & Wheels

Choosing the right set of tyres for your vehicle is often more complicated than it seems. Our team can provide the right tyres for your vehicle, as well as fit, supply and align them to minimise tyre wear.

Other Services

In addition to our regular services, we can also conduct repairs on caravans and trailers, as well as arranging for towing to our workshop in Australind within the local area, as well as windscreen repairs and replacements.

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